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2XU SC:1 Sleeveless Wetsuit – Men’s

July 30, 2011

2XU SC:1 Sleeveless Wetsuit – Men’s

The Men?s SC:1 Sleeveless Wetsuit features 2XU?s proprietary Roll Bar technology, which wraps the 5mm 39-cell rubber in the suit?s front around your hips. This innovation improves core buoyancy and body position when you rotate onto your side in the catch phase of your stroke, maximizing your efficiency and power. The SC:1 also includes an all-over slick SCS coating to drastically reduce water resistance, as well as speed up removal of the wetsuit in the transition area.

Product Features

  • Material: Yamamoto 39-cell rubber
  • Thickness: [Front, hips, thighs] 5mm; [Back, lower legs] 3mm; [Underarms] 1.5mm
  • Water Temp:
  • UPF Rating:
  • Seams:
  • Seam Seal:
  • Zip: Floating back panel, invisible zip
  • Hood:
  • Recommended Use: Triathlons
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

2XU SC:1 Sleeveless Wetsuit - Men's

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  • Rollbar
  • 39 Cell Front Buoyancy
  • 520% Stretch Lining
  • Transition Panel Seam Overlap Technology
  • Floating Zip
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