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CEP Women’s Tri Compression Skinsuit

October 16, 2011

CEP Women’s Tri Compression Skinsuit

Our Compression Tri Suit represents a unique new version of what you’ve known as triathlon racing apparel. The shorts feature a compressive knit in the leg section which absorbs less than 3% moisture and dries very quickly. Constructed with and upper and lower section, the compression tri shorts offer an incredible amount of compression for the quads and hamstrings for a truly new experience in muscle oscillation dampening. Simply put, your muscle are free to perform the task at hand without flying all over the place, wasting energy and increasing fatigue. The upper, or brief section, is made with POWER material which offers additional support for the buttocks and hip flexors without causing discomfort in the aero position. 3-D fit further promotes muscle support and as close to a perfect fit as you are going to find. Rear ventilation mesh panels and a larger mesh rear pocket for personal items. A front YKK zipper offers extra ventilation just in case the run starts to heat up and flat stitching allows for a chafe-free day.

CEP Women's Tri Compression Skinsuit

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  • Secure back pocket
  • Elastic waist band
  • Flat seams
  • 3D Fit with Ventalation Panels in the back
  • Compressive legs, no gripper needed
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