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2012 Orca 3.8 Men’s Triathlon Wetsuit

February 7, 2012

2012 Orca 3.8 Men’s Triathlon Wetsuit

The new Orca 3.8 uses the most advanced wetsuit technology available to ensure the optimum equilibrium for your swimming position. The original 3.8 introduced the superior buoyancy of Aerodome and the new 3.8 raises the bar once again with the new Exo-Cell Buoyancy System which is an innovative new material that’s more than 25% more buoyant than Aerodome. It’s used in carefully calculated positions on the front chest and rear areas and helps to raise your torso and legs in the water, optimizing the swimming position, which in turn improves swim performance. Designed for those swimming endurance distances or for swimmers who will benefit from an improved torso and leg position in the water, the flexibility of the 3.8 has also been enhanced with the introduction of 1.5mm-2mm #40 Cell neoprene panels on the arm and underarm areas. The high stretch inner lining allows for excellent range of motion, comfort and fast transitions, while the Exo-Cell panels are lined with a waterproof smoothskin neoprene to prevent water entry. Other new features for the 3.8 include the comfortable, low profile neck seal, designed to sit flat against the neck, limiting water entry and reducing the incidence of chafing. The molded neoprene Aquatread forearm panel has been enhanced to provide increased stroke power in the catch phase, while remaining easy to remove during transition.

2012 Orca 3.8 Men's Triathlon Wetsuit

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  • Orca’s most buoyant wetsuit
  • Innovative new Exo-Cell Buoyancy System optimizes swim position
  • Yamamoto #40 cell neoprene arm panels increase flexibility
  • Comfortable, low profile neck seal limits water entry and reduces chafing
  • Preferred choice of world’s best endurance distance swimmers
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